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Solar Benefits and Savings

California Solar Rebates - Benefits

Solar Electrical Systems has 30 years of experience in making it easier for firms like yours to seamlessly integrate sustainable energy into project plans. Southern California has one of our nation’s most rapidly growing solar markets and adding solar to your client proposal will increase your profit and show you care about sustainable energy. Let us help your clients take advantage of the solar power incentives before they disappear.

What new home or building owner wouldn’t want to benefit from solar power incentives and see lower operating costs on their new home or building? Homeowners enjoy lower utility costs; business owners have reduced operating costs, all while adding property value and taking advantage of the solar rebates and California solar tax credits available.

Integrating a solar power system into your plans will help your client reduce their overhead costs by saving them money on their electric bill. Show them a solar solution / sustainable architecture that add value to the property, saves them money each month, and has a proven positive cash flow. You can offer your clients extra value on your services. You look like a hero and they look forward to lower electric bills.

Look what solar sustainable energy can do for your clients:
1. Generate their electricity with PV solar energy systems.
2. Eliminate their monthly electric bill with solar power generation.
3. Be environmentally responsible. Set a great example using sustainable architecture.
4. Improve their property’s value without adding property taxes.
5. Receive up to 80% of the solar electric system’s cost in rebates and California solar tax credits and other solar energy benefits. 

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