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Commercial Solar Benefits and Savings

Solar Powered Business - Benefits

Solar power generation has always been a great idea and now is the perfect time for your business to take advantage of all the solar tax credits and power incentives available in California. Distinguish yourself from the competition by becoming a solar powered business.

Solar Electrical Systems has 30 years of experience in making it easier for businesses like yours to go solar. Let us help you take advantage of the California solar rebates and the solar tax credits before they disappear.

A commercial solar system will help you reduce your overhead costs by saving you money on your electric bill. You shouldn’t have to keep paying for the power company’s mistakes with higher and higher electric rates. Fix your electric rates for the next 30+ years with solar integration from Solar Electrical Systems. Look forward to lower electric bills.

Look what you can do with a solar powered business:
1. Lower electric bills
2. Generate your own electricity with PV solar energy systems.
3. Eliminate your monthly electric bill with solar power generation.
4. Be environmentally responsible. Set a great example using solar integration electric power.
5. Improve your property’s value without adding property taxes.
6. Receive up to 80% of the solar electric system’s cost in state solar rebates and tax incentives and other solar energy benefits.

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