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Going Green Means Saving Money

Solar Savings 

At Solar Electrical Systems, we believe the phrase "going green" also refers to the dollars in your wallet. Every green tip below will save you money on your electric bill and get your house in the "greenest" shape possible, allowing you to maximize your savings when you install a solar electrical system by SES.

Check Your Appliances

Make sure your major appliances are working as efficiently as possible. This includes your air conditioner, pool pump, refrigerator, water heater, spare refrigerator or freezer, washer/dryer and dishwasher. If any of them are over ten years old, consider replacing them with Energy Star compliant appliances. If you're not able to replace them, then at least have your appliances inspected and serviced to ensure they're running at peak efficiency. Finally, consider an instant hot water system to replace your older water heater.

Energy Usage

When you use electricity is almost as important as how much electricity you use. Your electricity costs may be based on your time of use, and can cost much less at off-peak, low-demand hours. For a comprehensive list of energy savings suggestions, (click here.)

Green Your Home

If you're planning on building, remodeling or renovating your home, then now is the absolute best time to look into installing a solar panel power system by Solar Electrical Systems. Additionally, there are many other green decisions you can make when you build or remodel. For a list of suggestions, (click here).

Green Living Tips

For tips on how to live well without the use of chemicals and pesticides, (click here).

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