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Purchasing Options

After 30 years designing, installing and finding ways to finance solar electrical systems for our residential customers, we've come up with two different options to help you profit from the power of the sun.  We have done a detailed financial study on the two options below:

3.4 system

$0 Down Option

20-YEAR POWER PURCHASE AGREEMENT with a 10 year buyout -  A 3.19kW solar system at $135 payment per month fixes your electrical cost for the next three decades and produces an estimated 5,442 kWh per year for over $150 savings on your monthly average electric bill. You pay $0 down. Solar Electrical Financing owns, maintains and monitors the solar system and you pay only for the solar generated electricity for a 12%+ monthly electric bill savings. 


golf system  

Be Your Own Power Company Option


DIRECT PURCHASE - A 3.19kW solar system costs $11,291 after rebates and credits.  This fixes your electrical bill for the next 30 years. Your solar electrical system pays for itself in 5 years, and then you enjoy free power for decades to come.  Over the 30+ year life of the system, you'll save over $217,000 in electric costs.  Plus, you increase the value of your home but not your property tax, because solar power systems are property tax exempt.

 *We are not financial advisors.  For professional tax advice, please consult your CPA or tax attorney.

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