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Suggestions for Green Building or Remodeling

• Energy efficient windows help maintain indoor temperatures without heating or cooling the neighborhood too.
• Always makes sure you have adequate insulation to cut down on the need for heat or air conditioning.
• Using non-toxic low to no VOC paint is a great way to reduce your indoor air pollution.
• When replacing your carpet, go with an eco-friendly choice.  Many of the eco-friendly carpets are not only made from recycled materials, but they have less toxic chemicals, which helps the overall environment as well as your indoor environment.
• Reface or paint old cabinets and furniture instead of buying new ones.
• Using recycled materials for countertops, flooring, carpet, etc. cuts down on the material cost while reducing the overall environmental impact of your building project.
• Make sure your materials come from sustainable wood.
• Skylights let in the natural light, so you can flip that light switch off.
• Sun tubes or tunnels are an innovative alternative to skylights when there’s not enough space for a skylight.  They capture the natural sunlight and use mirrors to diffuse the lighting evenly the room.
• Natural ventilation points can reduce the cost of air conditioning.

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