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After three decades in business, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t, and we know which companies offer the best solar warranties.  Solar Electrical Systems is proud to offer our customers only the highest-quality solar power products.  It’s easy to offer the right product mix for optimum solar generation and reliability when you’ve been providing Southern California with money-saving solar electrical solutions for as long as we have. Our custom solar energy solutions are crafted on a case-by-case basis, so you can be sure that the high quality of solar products you find at Solar Electrical Systems is no accident. Our mission and commitment to you is to ensure that each and every one of our customers gets the most power for their dollar over the lifetime of an SES solar power system. Only Solar Electrical Systems’ first-rate products and unwavering commitment to customer service can make that happen.

Solar Modules

Solar Electrical Systems’ solar modules are independently tested to ensure that only the highest quality and most efficient solar modules are installed for our customers. While the Southern California solar energy marketplace is flooded with inferior choices, Solar Electrical Systems solar modules are chosen for their high-output and high-quality finish to produce only the best energy yields throughout the module warranty period and beyond.

Solar Electrical Systems uses Kyocera modules.  Independent tests show Kyocera Solar has recorded the highest average output of any polycrystalline module, and Kyocera modules also perform extremely well over the life of the product.  Other solar modules experience 20% or more power degradation over 25 years, while Kyocera modules have only 9.6 power degradation over the same amount of time.  With Kyocera and Solar Electrical Systems, you get more power for your dollar for decades to come.

KD 200-54 P Series

KD200-60 P Series

KD 315-80 Series

Commercial Inverters

Solar Electrical Systems uses inverters from only the most trusted sources.  Holding over 50% of the world inverter market share due to their rugged German electronic design and waterproof housings, SMA Solar Technology has the right inverter solution for your solar electrical project.  They provide the most reliable and most efficient inverter technology available, as well as a variety of monitoring methods to provide users with detailed information on the performance of their system.
For inverters used on large-scale Solar Electrical Systems projects, we’ve partnered with Satcon® Clean Power Solutions. Satcon offers products that have innovative power conversion solutions, as well as the widest range of power ratings in the industry. These important factors assist our customers in meeting with the rising demand for clean energy, unparallel efficiency, and profitability like never before. Satcon units are rugged, reliable and backed by a world-class support program and warranty.

Satcon 30kW

Satcon 50kW

Satcon 100kW

Satcon 375kW


If you’re a Solar Electrical Systems customer, then you are committing to a long-term investment in solar power solutions. That’s why we’re committed to giving you the tools you need to accurately monitor your new solar energy system down to the penny. There’s no mystery involved—you will always know that your solar electrical system is functioning smoothly at all times. We offer a wide range of available options, including wireless or internet-based metering, compact or complex views, concise or elaborate solar efficiency reporting, and more. We’re more than happy to help you find the metering solution that is right for your custom-built solar electrical system by SES. Give us a call today!

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