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Rebates & Tax Incentives

Rebates and other tax incentives can cut the cost of solar for your home by as much as 60%, allowing you to see a return on your investment faster than you ever imagined. But these solar rebates and tax incentives cannot last forever. As time passes and rebate funds expire, the consumer savings are also reduced. Don't wait; go solar now. Here are just a few incentives available for residential solar power:


CSI/SCE           Residential $.20 per watt. 

                       Solar Domestic Hot Water - up to $1,834

LADWP             Residential $.40 per watt.  


Pasadena          Residential - under 30kW - $.85 per watt. 

                       Over 30kW - $.129/kWh


Burbank           Program currently not available

                       Solar Domestic Hot Water - $1,500


Glendale           Program currently not available.


PG&E               Residential - $.20 per watt. 

Federal, Investment Tax Credit

30% Energy Credit, IRS Form 5695

Federal, Pre-1936 Buildings

10% Investment Credit, IRS Form 3468

Federal, Certified Historic Structures

20% Investment Credit, IRS Form 3468

Federal, Agricultural Credits

10% Investment Credit, IRS Form 3468

State, Property Tax Exempt

Solar installations are completely exempt from property tax.
(California Revenue and Taxation Code Section 6353.5)

Property Value

A historic increase of 3% in property resale value


3-7 year return on investment, 25 year positive after-tax cash flow
(It compares favorably to a 15% tax-free CD)

*As always, please consult your tax advisor.

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