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Residential Solar Benefits and Savings

There has never been a better time to get Solar Electric Power

Solar power generation has always been a great idea, but it has never been as economically attractive as right now with all of the solar energy benefits.
People have been working hard to make it easier for you to afford green Solar Electric Systems. Let us help you find and process the right solar energy benefits and tax incentives to make it part of your life. And now is the time to act, while those State and Federal rebates and tax incentives for solar energy systems are still available.
You shouldn’t have to keep paying for the power company’s and the government’s mistakes with higher and higher utility rates. Southern California Edison’s last 10% rate “decrease” actually increased your electricity bill by 20%! Fix your utility rates for the next 30+ years with green Solar Electric Systems and look forward to lower electric bills.

Look what you can do:
1. Generate your own electricity with PV solar energy systems.
2. Eliminate your monthly electric bill with solar power generation.
3. Be environmentally responsible. Set a great example using solar electric power.
4. Improve your property’s value without adding property taxes.
5. Receive up to 80% of the solar electric system’s cost in rebates and tax incentives and other solar energy benefits.

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